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Whether you’re already using compression tights for running or exploring your compression activewear options, you may not fully understand why you should be wearing them, what they’re doing for you and when to wear them.

Through our own experience and our shared knowledge with our activewear community within Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, we have explored the benefits of compression tights for you as a runner and what’s going to best suit your situation right now.

What are the benefits of compression tights?

The benefits of compression tights are quite varied, depending on when you’re wearing them.

  • They are made of stretchy material that provides “pressure” when worn and a comfortable yet secure fit.
  • They offer graduated support and the benefit of this is it increases your blood circulation for a faster recovery after running. When you increase your blood flow, it helps remove the lactic acid in your legs. 
  • The graduated pressure by wearing them a few hours after training will remove the lactic acid, increase blood flow and the amount of oxygen your muscles receive, allowing toxins to be removed out of the body
  • This results in a much quicker recovery, the ability to train multiple times a week, work out for longer and helping decrease the risk of overuse injuries.
  • That graduated pressure for recovery helps alleviate that muscle fatigue and soreness.

When should you wear compression tights?

We use compression tights for performance (like when you’re running) or your recovery (after training or even after surgery). This can beneficial whether you’re running a 5kms, 10kms, half marathon (21km) r a full marathon (42km).

For me, I use them the day after I’ve done weight training. Wearing them all day allows me to have a better recovery process so I can keep training the next day.

However, for one of our very experienced running customers who runs marathons throughout the year, she chooses to only run in compression tights. 

She not only wears them during her runs, but also travels in them to events like the Gold Coast marathon, where she has to fly to and from Wollongong. She Loves how light yet supportive they feel.


What compression tights should I choose?

There are many compression tights on the market and so it can be confusing which ones to choose.

One of the reasons we recommend 2XU over other types is because they are the only compression tights approved by the Australian Institute of Sport and certified to say they do what they’re supposed to do.

If you came in store and told us you run around 5kms, we would suggest compression tights across many different brands depending on your body shape. You still get the benefits of compression wear, but they’re not approved by the AIS. Most customers are happy with our other options when they’re running this sort of distance.

However, when our customers are running 10kms or more, we find they feel the benefits of investing in 2XU compression tights more than those who run less distance.

What type of event would I use them for?

Whether you choose three quarter length or full length it comes down to personal preference, as you shouldn’t feel hot while wearing them. 

This also applies when it comes to marathon race day. Some customers feel too restricted in full length tights, so will wear their three quarter length instead. They then opt for full length tights for the recovery process, as three quarter length will miss the vital calf area.

It’s advised to train in the tights you’re going to be running in. You don’t want to be wearing the tights for the first time on race day and find they chafe, feel uncomfortable or even fall down!

You also need to ensure they suit your body type, with mid rise or high rise options - depending on where you want them to sit on your waist.

Some tights even extend into having pocket options or you can opt for a flipbelt to put a phone and other accessories.

If you’re starting out on a fitness program, make sure to find a local business in your area that can support you. Here in Fairy Meadow we recommend Savvy Runner Program.

We’ve seen up to a 150-strong group going up from Wollongong to events like the Gold Coast Marathon, ensuring their training program is not just about race day but about the journey to get there with people with the same goal.

If you’re looking for marathon events to aim for, you may want to consider:

As one of the few stockists of 2XU in Wollongong, if you’re looking for a pair of 2XU compression tights to start or continue your running journey, make sure to sign up for the 15% discount code to use on your first order online. 

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