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Lokamo Lifestyle

Embrace all aspects of your health and fitness. Discover a new comfort and style in our recent curation of activewear for your everyday lifestyle.

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Sunscreen and Sweat: Protecting Your Skin During Summer Workouts

This summer, embrace the sun, embrace your fitness, and most importantly, embrace sunscreen. Protect your skin, keep it youthful, and ensure your outdoor workouts are a joyous and sun-safe experience with the added confidence of our suncare range and "We Are The Feel Good Suncream."


Blog posts

Unlocking the Power of Mix-and-Match Activewear:

So, what exactly is mix-and-match activewear? It's the art of blending different pieces from our carefully curated collection to craft a look that suits your mood, activity, and destination. It's about selecting the perfect combination of bike shorts, leggings, tanks, tees, and sports bras to create an ensemble that's uniquely you.

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Why Berry?

Why Berry Colours? Why settle for the same old boring colors when you can have the juicy goodness of berry shades? These colors are not only visua...
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