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Balancing Out

There is nothing better than feeling healthy, fit, happy and energised. To feel like this and maintain it, it takes constant fine tuning. Our weight often influences this perception and being able to maintain this. We all have an ideal weight based on the weight that puts us in the healthy category but generally at this weight we can feel comfortable, confident, happy and move easily. To maintain good balance is quite a simple concept though not always so easy to carry out.

The key is this, the energy we put in our body through food should be balanced by the energy we expend. We do expend energy naturally just by our body running it's regular operations but we can expend more through movement. Sounds simple but is one of the biggest challenges many people face everyday. We eat everyday so we should move everyday. Moving helps our feel-good hormones come to life so if we find the balance. Moving is the most effective way to expend energy and speed up your metabolism. Below are some tips to help balance out the energy in and the energy out.

  • Choose nutrient rich foods that will satisfy you for longer rather than foods that are high energy, high sugar and have no real benefit to our health & wellness.

  • Plan your meals weekly and then daily so you have a rough idea of your daily energy consumption which may help you control it.

  • Research the energy intake of the foods you eat often to get a good idea of the kilojoules you are consuming on a daily basis and how much movement you require to balance this.

  • Move everyday for a minimum of 30mins.

  • Choose exercise or activities that you enjoy so you don't avoid doing them. Make it fun and exciting.

  • Vary your activity to avoid boredom and keep your energy and motivation levels high.


By Angela Saville


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