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Sometimes we just need to walk.

Often we push ourselves to new limits whether it being from running or the hard slog at the gym to improve our overall physical fitness.

Remember the simple pleasures of walking can provide many mental health benefits which are just as important as the physical gains. Some may include:

  • reduced stress
  • boost happy thoughts - releasing our natural endorphins
  • boost brain power
  • sharpen memory
  • tap into our creativity
  • increase relaxation

Most importantly walking is a great way to catch up with friends. Building on great relationships makes us feel more connected and increase our self esteem and confidence.

Find inspiration from one of our local walking landmarks in the Illawarra NSW.

Sublime Point Lookout offers 180 degree views over the sea, the rainforest and the 17 beaches that span the coastline to Wollongong.

Sublime Point track covers a distance of approx. 800 metres. It is suggested walk time of 45 minutes depending upon your level of fitness.

The track branches off Gibson's track and then ascends sharply to the Sublime Point lookout. A series of steel ladders assist walkers up the jagged cliff lines near the top of the climb. The lookout and the track itself offer some of the best views of the Illawarra escarpment, plain and coastline.

For more information: www.visitwollongong.com.au

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