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Held on the second Saturday of each month at one of our local boxes.

Mixed team events, 3 guys and 3 girls per team in two divisions, 1 and 2.

Team members can change for each throwdown however can not interchange during a throwdown except in the case of injury.

You can use members from another affiliate if your team falls sort for a meet as we want to see all box's field a team for both divisions each month.

Host box sets the WOD for the throwdown and will be released via this page a week prior to the event so teams can be picked and prepared. No one wants to do thrusters two days in a row. ever.

When deciding which division to compete in, keep it fair and in the spirit of the throwdown. We don't want to see a beast deadlifting 300kg in division 2.

Food and drinks will be for sale at the throwdown along with pop up stores.

The goal objective of the Illawarra Crossfit League is to make a fun event that members want to be involved in, an event that's inclusive to everyone but at the same time provide healthy competition for the more advanced athletes. Its not about winning or who the best box is, its about challenging ourselves, putting our fitness to the test, having a go and creating an Illawarra Crossfit Community.

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